About us

Wootton Websites is intended to provide a professional service at reasonable prices for people in Somerset who want to grow their business.

We are UK based and have a strong experience of the capital markets via our partner firm BrandEx.

We have the services of a great designer who can provide the visual excitement to make your business look good - between us we've done many projects over the years, and so far only praise for the outcome.

Give us call or make contact using the form below, and I will give you free advice on your project ideas.

Bill Hodgson, Owner. 

Terms and Conditions
  • Proposal
    • For every project we will develop a proposal which carefully sets out your goals, our deliverables and your responsibilities
    • The proposal will clearly state what is included in the costs, and what isn't
    • The pages on this site provide an overview of what each project might be like with an indicative price
    • These pages do not form a contract between you and us and the prices are estimates only, not a binding commitment
    • Once we jointly agree a proposal, we will exchange a signed copy and begin working together
  • Working together
    • We will spend time with you to develop a proposal to suit your needs, the time we spend on this is not chargeable to you, unless it involves pre-agreed research or analysis for a specific purpose
    • We can provide multiple ways of exchanging information including email, phone, Skype, Dropbox or others to suit you
    • We can agree a time plan for most projects but dependencies and the unknown may mean dates change
    • We will endeavour to keep you informed of progress on a project to keep you comfortable, both with the frequency and level of detail
  • Payments
    • How you pay for our services can be flexible
      • Some projects may require upfront funding¬†
      • Some may be suitable for payment by instalment¬†
      • Some might suit payment in arrears
    • We will consider and jointly agree the payment approach with you within the project proposal
  • Free advice
    • In some circumstances you can benefit from our knowledge, expertise and experience for free, just ask
    • Depending on what you ask we may suggest your request becomes a project proposal
    • We are happy to talk first and then consider how we work together
    • Please use the form below to start a conversation, or call using the number above

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