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Once you've got a shiny new online site, it needs to stay alive with new content. Your site shouldn't be like a museum piece, never changing, otherwise why would people come back?  Google ranks sites which publish regular content much higher than those that don't.

  • Alert people to relevant news in your market
  • Write an opinion piece about events and happenings
  • Keep telling people about your services and products
  • Make seasonal and time based updates - holidays, public events etc.
  • Use words which are specific to your business or market, but don't stuff your writing with repetitive text as google will penalise you
  • Use graphics, charts, photos and tables
  • Make an infographic - explain the numbers visually
  • Make a video - explain to everyone who you are and what you're doing. Shorter is better though
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The purpose of writing is to:

  • Let your customers know your news
  • Announce new products and services
  • Offer an opinion on market developments
  • Remind people that you're active

Google rewards writing that:

  • Is original, not copied
  • Contains key words which relate to your business or industry
  • Is current / recent
  • Has images with 'alt text'
  • Has links to other sources of knowledge
  • Is 'optimised' for searches

We can:

  • Write for you without credit
  • Find subject matter experts
  • Edit and proof-read your own writing
  • Create press-releases
An example of SEO scoring


Given the advances in smartphone cameras it would be fair to assume that's all you need. But your smart phone doesn't:

  • Have a zoom lense
  • Have a wide aperture to achieve bokeh (even if you have an iPhone X which simulates the effect)
  • Have manual exposure and ISO controls

Which means that well considered photographs taken with an SLR or equivalent is still potentially better than a good smart phone snap. Make sure you present your team, your products and your services to their best by taking well-lit and considered photos.


How many ways can video help your business?

  • Show off your products
  • Explain your services
  • Let customers see who they're dealing with
  • Entertain and amuse

It has been shown that you can win a big audience using YouTube and make millions - if you are targeting a young audience with money to spend. For that you only need your own smartphone. 

For more professional uses of video, you need cameras, lights, microphones,  tripods, multi-track recorders and some translucent make up to stop shiny heads.

We've filmed many projects with multiple camera angles, and multiple people, get in touch to discuss your video project.

A recent video production
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