Design and Print

Visual design is a skill that can be learned but isn't something everyone can be good at. Let us show you how professional design can boost your company documentation, sales and marketing materials, your website or banners.

With the decline of print media you'd think nobody wanted physical materials any more, but that's not the case. Handing someone a beautiful brochure makes far more impact than telling them a URL.

Projects we can deliver include:

  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Newspaper adverts
  • Folders
  • Magazines
  • Pop-up banners
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We've produced many magazine editions, and it never gets old handing someone a full colour, perfect bound magazine packed with content.

The main tasks to assemble an edition include:

  • Gathering the original content, diagrams and data
  • Making sure the authors have finalised their articles and checked them carefully
  • Deciding on the running order of the edition, including contents page, adverts, articles and grouping by topic
  • Performing the design
  • Proof-reading and labelling diagrams
  • Defining what you want from your printer, paper weight, exterior finish, binding, quantities and delivery


Brochures & other business stationary


Customers don't want to be made to beg for details yet you want them to ask for more - so find a middle ground by putting enough into your brochures to tempt them but ensure there is a 'call to action' to get the ultimate level of detail by contacting you.

  • Your brochures should be part of your overall brand image
  • Visual flourishes in a brochure may add something back to your website or videos
  • Use photography where necessary and get the best photographs you can
  • Use visual aids to represent numbers and comparisons
  • Redirect people to your on-line accounts
  • Keep them up to date by keeping print runs lower and re-printed with modifications when necessary

Developing a new logo is fraught with subjective judgements and a proliferation of personal ideas. Added to that is the attraction of 'crowd sourcing' a new logo, which in reality opens the doors to lots of poor quality submissions.

  • Keep the group responsible for signing-off on the idea to key people
  • Keep your options open and explore ideas
  • Use a professional
  • Iterate around fonts, colours and styles like branches of a tree
  • Prune and return to the start 
  • Write down why you reject options so you can go back