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Get yourself on-line quickly and easily with all the help you need.  You can spend thousands on a bespoke website but for many small businesses you can represent yourself with a website at an affordable price.

Here’s what you get:

  1. A website using one of the hundreds of pre-designed themes in WordPress
  2. Your own domain name “” included
  3. Unlimited pages, text and photos and videos
  4. Automated connection to your Facebook page or Twitter account (and help to set those up if needed)
  5. Self-service “follow” button on your pages for people who want to read your updates
  6. Contact forms, photo galleries
  7. The ability to update the site yourself – if you can use a word processor, you can edit the pages on your site

Here’s how you get it:

  1. Have some ideas on what you’d like to put on your site, such as pages, background information, your products or services and photos
  2. An idea on the domain name you’d like (search for some here)
  3. Make contact with us
  4. We’ll carry out the rest with your input

Here are some we made earlier:

What does it cost?

  • Year 1 £250 all inclusive, including training and on-going support
  • Year 2 onwards £36 not including any extra paid help to update the site at £30 an hour


  1. Will my site be safe from hackers? Yes – WordPress runs millions of websites and are hot on security
  2. Will I get spam or unwanted comments on my site? No, WordPress handles all this
  3. What about the people who offer a site for £99? You get what you pay for and £99 is hardly enough to make it worth offering
  4. Can I change the site myself? Yes – and we can show you how
  5. Will I get a flood of new business? Maybe not – competition for clicks on the internet is fierce, but with regular updates you will get site visitors and give people a positive impression of your business
  6. Should I just use Facebook? You could, a website gives you more choice over what you show to customers, and we can link it to your Facebook page if you’d like

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