Run an Event

Nothing makes more impact than meeting prospects and customers in person. With a global market this isn't always possible, but finding ways to gather people together around mutually interesting topics can work
A typical event needs a focus and a lead speaker:
  • People will come if they think the topic is aimed at them
  • People won't come if they think you are pushing thinly disguised sales material
  • Work with one or two key speakers from your market
  • Develop a speaking agenda and format which gives audience interaction
  • Plan the timing to suit typical working hours (the beginning or the end of the day)
  • Consider bonus items like briefing papers, booklets, magazines, guides
Our contribution is to:
  • Design the agenda
  • Find and prepare speakers
  • Plan the timing
  • Prepare banners and name badges
  • Work on bonus content like white papers and booklets
  • Design an announcement and broadcast the event
  • Handle registration on-line
  • Record the event with audio or video
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Planning an event always needs:

  • A focus on high quality content and credibility
  • Offer attendees something they don't already have - knowledge, guidance, plans and explanations
  • Make sure the speakers are articulate and knowledgeable
  • Be brief
  • Allow time for people to meet before and after
  • Consider whether this is a smaller informal style, or larger presentational style


An in-person event gives the best engagement but can't reach people if your customers are globally distributed. We would work with you to:

  • Develop the agenda and speaking topics
  • Pick speakers from your market, sponsors and independant experts
  • Coordinate their speaking approach and develop visuals
  • Promote the event via The OTC Space if relevant
  • Register attendees and pass information back to the sponsor
  • Record the event with HD audio and video
  • Publish a post-event recording in a format of your choice
  • Run live polling during the event



Putting on a whole day event takes a greater level of planning and time. Early in the process get expert moderators (or speakers) involved to bring together the hot topics in the industry and design the event around giving the audience a high quality update.

  • Choose a venue to suit your budget and audience location
  • Keep the agenda mixed - all speeches or all panels needs mixing up
  • Design audience sessions where they have to solve problems or answer questions
  • Use electronic voting to get audience opinions
  • Allow plenty of time to launch the event and book delegates